Virtual Reality Cockpit Video

So here it is.  Fighter Base being played on a mobile phone in VR.  



The video is being recorded on the fly using an app called Mirror which cuts the framerate at least in half.  More typically on this phone I’m seeing 20+ FPS even with this early code base.

There is really no way to convey how immersive and incredible this experience really is.  Staring at your screen just doesn’t do it justice.  You can get an approximation of the effect by getting REALLY close to your phone.  And I mean REALLY close (see the example photo).

 Unfortunately the image will be blurry – at least it is for me as I can no longer focus at that close distance – but you will have a sense of the 3D effect.  

The airplane is being controlled using a tiny Bluetooth joystick like this one.  It’s surprisingly flyable in “arcade” physics but you’ll need a real joystick to do anything like real physics, of course.

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