Two-week public testing period announced


Dear Fighter Base community,

I am happy to announce a two-week public testing period from July 16 – Aug 1 for our new Fighter Base version 0.39.

With your help we learned a great deal during our 4-hour test on July 10th and we have made some important changes to our server, web server and game client.  We also continue to work on our mobile version and hope to have a mobile (Android) version of the game available later during this testing period.  

There will be Bots flying around during low usage hours but I really hope you have a chance to experience real massively multiplayer dogfighting against other people.  Please get your squads and friends together and lets get some numbers into the arena.

Some visible changes include

  • Brakes (press B)
  • Chat (press ENTER)
  • Chat Log (press L)

Other changes include improved stability, website corrections and lots and lots of bug fixing.

Please review the instructions available on the Launch menu at if you have any installation or operation issues.

Remember to share any concerns with us at

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