Test 1 After-Action Report

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If you would like to share your experience or comments with us, please use our support system to do so.  Click HERE to get to the support page.  Based on your feedback and our own support experience over the last couple of hours we will be adding many How-To pointers in our FAQ section that will be available in the next couple of days.

When you do leave comments, it would be very helpful if you could also include your system information.  For those unfamiliar with it, the dxdiag tool will output a file that tells us many valuable things about the hardware and system software on your computer without sharing any personal information.

Depending on your Operating System either click on Run or click on Search, get to a prompt and type “dxdiag”.  That should bring up a screen like this screenshot below.  Click on the “Save All Information…” button and include the content of the file dxdiag created in your Support submission.


Thank you in advance and see you in the skies!

20 thoughts on “Test 1 After-Action Report

    • The easiest way is to simply click on the Input tab the next time you play and reconfigure. If that fails, you can erase the settings by going into the registry if you are comfortable doing so. We’ll add a “reset” as soon as possible.

  1. I loved seeing the familiar faces and some new ones also, Game was as expected for the build # and I can not wait for future builds it’s like raising a child and watching them grow into something respectable.

  2. I joined up and flew yesterday. I enjoyed the flying. My game experience on my PC with cable modem was less than stellar. Tags were not with the planes. They seemed to just hang out in the arena. I wish there would have been a “How To Configure” views, etc. I did do a good job of being a target drone.

    I tried the single area to practice. I most very disappointed in that. Just turning turning turning. The Tags did stay with the aircraft there!

    thanks again for giving this a try. Wish y’all every success!

    • After playing four times on my PC, I find these problems-
      As I enter the multiplayer room my plane crashes up to 3 times, before I am able to have any control over it’s flight. Once I have “Control” if you can call it that, I have very little actual control. Virtually no “up” control. Turns are very wide and slow. A “rollover and dive” into a target is almost impossible.
      I find no place to “calibrate” my Extreme 3D Pro joystick within the game.
      The game it’s self is still a bit jumpy, although I think it is improving? I am playing via a desktop PC via cable modem.
      Again, I appreciate all your efforts so far. Looking forward to the game improving as we move along.
      Rusty Knight

    • Mark,

      Have you done any updates on your computer since you were last able to access the game? Any windows updates? Antivirus security program updates?

      If you could access it on the 17th, you should be able to connect to it today.

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