Thank you for your interest in Fighter Base.  This page describes in detail what the process of purchasing, downloading, installing and playing Fighter Base should be.  If you experience a deviation from this description at any time, please let us know by visiting us at and including a screenshot if at all possible.  Also, don’t forget to let us know what Operating System and Browser you are using.

Launching Fighter Base

Become a Member


In order to download the game and participate in testing you must become a member.  We have several levels of Fighter Base membership, including a free level, though of course we hope you will choose to support ongoing development by choosing a paid membership level.

To become a member, click on the Memberships menu item (green oval) and click on the Signup button next to your chosen membership level.

If the buttons next to the membership levels in your list say Cancel and Change instead then you are already a member.  You may always upgrade or downgrade by scrolling lower and clicking on the appropriate Change button.


Click on the Downloads tab


You can find the DOWNLOADS button in the menu (green oval).  If you see the message “Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content” then you appear to not be logged in.  Click on Log In (red oval) and proceed to login then try this page again.




Click on the latest available game client 


The name of the latest version of the client will be visible along with a description of the game.  Click on the Client Name (green oval)






Click on the  Free – Purchase button


If you do not see the  Free – Purchase under the description, please make sure you are logged in.  You can verify you are logged in by finding the “Log Out” menu item (green oval).  If you see that say “Log In” instead then you are not logged in and the next step will not work for you.



The button changes into a Checkout button.  Click on it.

If it does not change to  Checkout and you are definitely logged in please let us know by sending a bug report.


Confirm your information and click on Free Download


After confirming your details, and especially your email address, click on the  Free Download  button.


When you click on it, that button will become a  Please Wait…  button with a spinning circle next to it.  If this does not happen, please let us know by sending a bug report.


Download the Game


You should now see the Purchase Confirmation screen which is your receipt for the (free) purchase you just performed.  At the bottom of the page is a link to the latest version of the game (green oval).

Click on the link, and save the downloaded file.






Install the game


Double click on the EXE file you just saved and this will bring up the game installer.

If you are having issues installing the game it may be due to security settings on your computer or to antivirus software.  McAfee Antivirus in particular is notorious for blocking the successful installation of unfamiliar game applications.

Additional information on temporarily turning off real-time protection can be found here:

Additional information about temporarily disabling McAfee can be found at this link:

Other anti-virus software may also cause similar issues but these two are the most notorious for creating software installation issues.

You may also need to specifically let your firewall know to allow Fighter Base to use the network which is, obviously, necessary to be able to play online.

Running the game

When installing the game creates an icon on your desktop and also an item in your start menu.  When you invoke the game you will first a dialog box.  If this is your first time running the game, please take a moment to click on the Input tab (green oval) and adjust your controls to match your control devices.

To set the joystick axis (or keyboard control) double click on the name of the control you are changing.  In this case to modify the aileron control you will double click on the words “Joystick 1 axis 0” (red oval) which will bring up a small popup box.  Carefully move the joystick only along the axis you wish to assign to the function and the program will automatically detect the axis.

Once you are done, click on the Graphics tab, adjust your resolution and rendering quality and click Play!



Jumping In

You will  see a black LOADING screen while the game communicates and synchronizes with the server.  This may take as long as a few minutes so please be patient.  Of course, this process will be faster in production for now it maximizes our flexibility in deployment and testing.

When you see the words “Welcome to Fighter Base alpha” you are ready to go!  Please read the onscreen instructions at this point as these will change frequently throughout the testing period.


Welcome to Fighter Base alpha


Thank you for your help and patience as we bring this game to life.  Normally all this testing happens away from the public eye, but we want to make sure we have you involved in the process of testing and development as much or as little as you wish to be there.  We appreciate your constructive candor but also your support and patience.

If you have not done so already, please consider signing up for a paid membership.

Please report any issues us at