How to launch the game:

  1. Download The Preview (V0.77.10) by clicking on this link
  2. Install the game by clicking on the downloaded MSI file
  3. Click on the “Launch game” button below to automatically launch the game in multiplayer mode.
  4. If you are using a joystick, please calibrate it!

To calibrate your joystick click on your Start or Windows button and type “joy.cpl” in the start or “ask me anything” input field (depending on your version of Windows)

Select your joystick and click on Properties.  Click on Calibrate. Click on Settings tab.  Click on Calibrate and go through the calibration steps.


When you run the game you may get a security warning like the one below.  Click on More info, then on Run Anyway as highlighted in the screenshots below.







Launch game


Having issues?  Try the live help room or email


What’s New in Version 0.77.10?
  • Bug fixes
    • Frozen chat
    • Garbage text characters in Lobby chat
    • Joystick detection
What’s New in Version 0.77?
  • Five new 3D Models
    • SU – Yak
    • SU – Yak-9
    • SU – La-5
    • SU – La-7
    • SU – I-16
  • Voice chat
  • Machine gun anti-aircraft
  • Offline training arena
  • Updated scoring system
  • Events
  • Printable key mapping document in the application folder
  • Bug fixes
What’s New in Version 0.76?
  • Six new 3D Models
    • JP – Oscar KI-43-II
    • JP – Zero A6M5a
    • JP – Tojo Ki-44-IIc
    • JP – Tony Ki-100-Ia
    • JP – Frank Ki-84-Ic
    • US – P38L Lightning
  • Wings, tail and fuselage destruction, cutting to pieces.
  • New visual effects:
    • air explosion
    • projectile hit
    • dust trail
    • ground crash
    • water splash
    • fire trail
  • Scene light improvements
  • Sunset sky can be turned on by Other options.
  • Airplane and cockpit shadows.
  • Nice user interface animations.
  • Joystick sensitivity options, go to Options, then Devices screen.
What’s New in Version 0.75?
  • Added a second, more distant runway in our classic terrain for those who like altitude
  • Added the ability to switch airfields using “Tab” key when the Map is active (press M)
  • Added second on-screen key/button column for mapping more than one button to a control
  • Added an all-new Archipelago Terrain
  • Implemented two beautiful new 3D Models:
    • US – P47D Thunderbolt
    • US – F4F-3 Wildcat
What’s New in Version 0.74?
  • NEW Squadron Battle MODE
  • 6 beautiful new 3D Models
    • US – Mustang
    • DE – Franz
    • DE – Würger
    • DE – Dora
    • DE – 109K
    • DE – Ta-152
  • External Views Gauges
    • Altitude
    • Climb rate
    • Speed
    • Heading
    • Attitude
  • Improved terrain and water rendering
What’s New in Version 0.73.03?
  • NEW Nations At War MODE
  • NEW Team Scores
What’s New in Version 0.73?
  • NEW Team Battle MODE
    • Choose your Team in the new tab of the main navigation bar (you still can chose any plane including from other Countries)
    • Friendly fire is disabled but not collision so avoid crashing into your Teammates 😉
    • Chat can be customized in the lobby as well as in game
    • Pilots in the lobby can select channels on which to send and receive chat via the chat tab and popup menu
    • Private messages have been enabled
    • In game chat utilizes keyboard shortcuts (found in the Controls/Settings menu)
    • Channels include: All, Squadron, Team, and Pilot
  • NEW Scores and Stats
    • We’re progressively introducing the scoring and stats
    • Note that in the Training Arena the scores will never get updated so this will become the safe room for beginners
  • NEW Network protocol
    • We’ve updated the whole Client-Server Protocol to improve performances

*** Please allow the game to run after installation to complete the download and configuration of all assets ***

Quick Keyboard Controls:

F3 – Front-Facing View F4 – In-Cockpit (Padlock) View F7 – External View (with plane) F8 – External View (with ground)
Cursor Keys – flight controls Z/X – Rudder G – Gear up/down  <ENTER> – open / close chat
F – Extend Flaps D – Retract Flaps  B – Brakes  CTRL-B – Lock Brakes (on ground)
< – Previous Enemy (Padlock) > – Next Enemy (Padlock) Numpad-+ (plus) – throttle up Numpad– (minus) – throttle down
<SPC> – Fire Guns L – Show Chat Log


SEND TO Filters (in flight mode)
“C” + “A” resets the send to ALL
“C” + “S” your messages will be sent only to your Squadron
“C” + “T” your messages will be sent only to your Team


RECEIVE FROM Filters (in flight mode)
“C” + “R” + “A” resets the receive from ALL
“C” + “R” + “S” you’ll only receive messages from your Squadron
“C” + “R” + “T” you’ll only receive messages from your Team


In case you have any issue to report, please contact