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Welcome to Fighter Base alpha

As you know, we are still very early in the development of this game so you will inevitably experience bumps and bruises. Please bear with us – like any construction zone, we try to keep things tidy but you might occasionally run across a loose nail or open elevator shaft, so put on your hard hats and steel toed boots and come on in!

Step 1 – Type your pilot name in the box below. In the future this will be done automatically, of course, but for now just enter it manually.

Step 2 – Click on the launch tab, click on Select An Aircraft and pick your favorite plane, and click on Start Game

Step 3 – Click on the Input tab on the very first dialog box that appears and be sure to configure your joystick if you have one connected. Double click on the word (e.g. Joystick 0 axis 0) and then move the controller to let the game know what axis you wish to use for the controls. Same thing for any buttons (keyboard or joystick).

Step 4 – Back on the Graphics tab select your resolution, quality and display (if you have multiple monitors)

Step 5 – Click Play!

Join the conversation on our Facebook event site (you can copy-paste this link to your browser):

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