Merry Christmas

The Fighter Base elves have been hard at work since June and we are very happy to share with you a little video of how the games looks today!  With a lot of the brain surgery finally over, the game is starting to come back together and I’m very happy to introduce you to the new terrain and aircraft.



Merry Christmas and happy holidays to one and all


Mark & the Fighter Base crew


Fighter Base V051 open test announced!

Hello Fighter Base world,

You have probably been wondering about our silence the last few days. We have been hard at work getting a new version ready for you to test!

Go to the Launch page on the Fighter Base site to get started with the new version. The FBVG is standing by to help you in our new live support room should you run into any problems.

Have Fun!

東京ゲームショウ & オフ会のお知らせ – Fighter Base is coming to Tokyo Game Show


Fighter Base コミュニティの皆様へ

Fighter Base は、9 月 15 日 (木) ~ 18 日 (日) に掛けて幕張メッセで開催される「東京ゲームショウ 2016」(TGS) での展示を予定しています。なお、木・金はビジネスデイ、土・日が一般公開日となります。

今回の展示では、スマートフォン用のヘッドマウントディスプレイ “Merge VR” のブースの展示コンテンツのひとつとして、Android 版を展示致します。PC 版の展示はありませんが、最新のスマホ VR をぜひご体験ください。

また、17 (土) には、TGS 終了後の 19:00 より、小規模なオフ会 (10 名前後程度の規模を想定) を開催予定です。会場はまだ未定ですが、幕張近郊または都心部周辺となる予定です。会費は 3,000 円前後程度を想定しています。このオフ会には、Fighter Base および Fighter Ace の生みの親である私 Mark Vange、および、日本人スタッフである Zvezda が参加予定です。

そして、プレイヤーの皆様のために、17 (土) 用の TGS チケットを若干数ご用意させて頂きました。その後のオフ会にもご参加頂ける方に限り、先着 10 名様限定でご提供させて頂きます。


Mavarick a.k.a. Mark Vange

 9 月 17 日 (土) の TGS チケット & オフ会への参加を希望の方へ

TGS チケットは、オフ会にもご参加頂ける方限定で、先着 10 名様限定でのご提供となります。

Fighter Base にご登録頂いているメールアドレスから、メールの件名を「TGS チケット & オフ会参加希望」とした上で、パイロット名、ご本名、TGS チケット送付先住所をご連絡ください。ご連絡頂いた個人情報は、TGS チケットの送付のために利用させて頂いた後、破棄させて頂きます。なお、TGS チケットは海外からの発送になりますので、希望者はお早めにご連絡ください。9/9(金)追記: TGS チケットは、9/14(水) の午後または 9/15(木) の午前中に日本国内の郵便局から発送予定です。よって、9/13 (火) の夜までにご連絡ください。9/14(水)追記: 明日 9/15(木) の午前中に日本国内から速達で発送できる目処が立ったため、今夜 9/14(水) 中も引き続き受け付けます。


TGS にご来場頂けない場合であっても、オフ会への参加は歓迎いたします。希望者は、Fighter Base にご登録頂いているメールアドレスから、メールの件名を「オフ会のみに参加希望」とした上で、パイロット名をご連絡ください。ご本名、ご住所は連絡不要です。


ご連絡は、 までお願い致します。このメールアドレスは、当日の連絡用としてもご利用いただけます。

なお、もし Fighter Base にご登録頂いているメールアドレスでは当日の連絡が取り辛い場合には、当日連絡用のメールアドレスも併せてご連絡ください。



All our players, but especially our Japanese friends are welcome to join us at Tokyo Game Show and a meetup after the show on September 17th at 7pm. If you are in Tokyo, please come meet us there! If you would like to join the meetup, please send an e-mail to

Happy National Aviation Day!

The National Aviation Day (August 19) is a United States national observation that celebrates the development of aviation.  The holiday was established in 1939 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who issued a presidential proclamation which designated the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday to be National Aviation Day (Mr. Wright, born in 1871, was still alive when the proclamation was first issued, and would live another nine years).

You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

USA Today has a nice historical photo retrospective you can check out.

And finally, here are some tips from NASA about how to celebrate Nation Aviation Day.

In honor of Nation Aviation Day, I’ve put up a gallery of aircraft of our own.  Happy Aviation Day everybody.

We’re off to VRLA this weekend for our first public presentation

Hello Fighter Base World.

I’m very excited to announce that we are going to be showing off Fighter Base at the VRLA ( show this weekend.

iwear headset

If you happen to be in the LA area, come by and check us out firday and Saturday at the LA Convention Center.  You don’t want to miss seeing your favorite game running on the AMAZING Vuzix iWear Video Headpones.  More info can be found here:

Come say hello in LA!



The Extraordinarily Versatile P-40

DAYTON, Ohio — Curtiss P-40E Warhawk at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Today’s Plane-of-the-day will be a little different as I would like to speak a little about a type, rather than a variant.

The Curtis P-40 is the third-most produced American fighter of the war with some 13,738 having been produced between 1939 and 1944 but it was, one way or another, operated in combat by allies and axis pilots alike because many fell into Japanese, German and even Finnish hands in the early years of the war when the allies were often in retreat.  Finland, who was aligned with Germany throughout the war, in fact used a captured P-40 as did the Japanese over China leading to the surreal possibility of P-40s fighting against other P-40s.  The Germans operated them for testing purposes and clandestine missions but never deployed them as fighting aircraft.


The P-40 in Japanese Army Air Force colors

The P-40 in Luftwaffe colors

 The P-40 in Finnish Air Force colors

The P-40 in Dutch colors

 The P-40 in Free French colors

 The P-40 in Soviet Air Force colors

USA and Commonwealth countries:  United States Army Air Corps, United States Army Air Forces, Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, South African Air Force

Allied countries:  Soviet Air Force, Soviet Naval Aviation, Republic of China Air Force, (free) French Air Force, Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force, Poland

Axis Countries:  Japanese Army Air Force, Finnish Air Force, German 

The P-40 was first ordered by the French but delivery did not occur before the invasion of France leading Curtis to redirect all available aircraft to Britain.  When the British were unable to deploy all available production, Curtis was authorized to make them available to the USSR who became the second country to take delivery of, and operate the aircraft.

The first serious use of the P-40 as a fighter occurred when Iraqi forces led by Rashid Ali El-Ghailani rose against the British in Iraq on May 2, 1941. When the Germans and Italians sent aircraft to assist the revolt, staging from Vichy French bases in Lebanon and Syria, the British sent three Bristol Blenheims to bomb the air base at Palmyra on May 14, escorted by two Tomahawks of No. 250 Squadron, RAF, flown by Flying Officers G.A. Wolsey and F.J.S. Aldridge. The Iraqi revolt was crushed by May 30, but the British decided that Vichy France’s violation of neutrality justified the invasion and occupation of Lebanon and Syria. Tomahawks of No. 3 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), took part in the first attack on June 8, helping to destroy a Dewoitine D.520 fighter and damage three others at Rayak airfield. Elsewhere on that same day, two of No. 250 Squadron’s Tomahawks drew first blood for the P-40 in the air when they shot down an Italian Cant Z.1007bis reconnaissance plane five miles northwest of Alexandria, Egypt. The Vichy French put up a spirited fight before finally signing an armistice on July 14, but the Tomahawks of No. 3 Squadron RAAF also acquitted themselves well, holding their own against France’s top-of-the-line D.520s and shooting down two out of eight German Junkers Ju-88As of II Gruppe, Lehrgeschwader 1, operating from Crete, that tried to interfere with British landings on the Levantine coast on June 12.(1)

Unfortunately the P-40s were mostly relegated to fighter-bomber and ground-support roles later in the war which led to much higher attrition rates and the unfortunate assumption that this fighter had outlived it’s usefulness.  However, in the right hands it remained formidable and competitive aircraft throughout the war and continued to be operated by numerous countries well into the 1950s.



ファイターベース・アルファ版クライアント 公開




メンバーシップには無料から月額 $29.99 まで数段階ありますが、本ゲームはクラウドファンディングによる開発途中のタイトルであり、有料メンバーシップの意味はゲームの利用料ではなく、開発支援という位置付けになります。無料メンバーシップでもゲームのダウンロードおよびプレイは可能です。月額 $29.99 のメンバーシップを選んで頂いた皆様には、感謝の印として特製 T シャツを贈呈させて頂きます。

ファイターベースの開発はまだまだ初期段階であり、内容も簡易で、バグも多いのですが、少なくとも実際にオンライン対戦が可能な段階までは進んでおり、こうやって今回、アルファ版を公開できる運びとなりました。日本語での報告が事後になってしまい申し訳ございませんが、米国時間 7 月 10 日には初のオンライン・オープンテストを実施し、オンライン対戦周りの実装が実際に機能することを確認させて頂くことができました。


また、ファイターベースでは、運営に協力して頂けるボランティア・メンバーを募集しています。主な仕事としては、日本人プレイヤーと開発チームとの連絡や、日本人プレイヤー向けのオンライン・テストの運営支援などです。日本語と英語の読み書きができる方で、もし興味がある方がいらっしゃいましたら、 までお問い合わせください。


Two-week public testing period announced


Dear Fighter Base community,

I am happy to announce a two-week public testing period from July 16 – Aug 1 for our new Fighter Base version 0.39.

With your help we learned a great deal during our 4-hour test on July 10th and we have made some important changes to our server, web server and game client.  We also continue to work on our mobile version and hope to have a mobile (Android) version of the game available later during this testing period.  

There will be Bots flying around during low usage hours but I really hope you have a chance to experience real massively multiplayer dogfighting against other people.  Please get your squads and friends together and lets get some numbers into the arena.

Some visible changes include

  • Brakes (press B)
  • Chat (press ENTER)
  • Chat Log (press L)

Other changes include improved stability, website corrections and lots and lots of bug fixing.

Please review the instructions available on the Launch menu at if you have any installation or operation issues.

Remember to share any concerns with us at

Test 1 After-Action Report

Fighter Base Logo


We had 


If you would like to share your experience or comments with us, please use our support system to do so.  Click HERE to get to the support page.  Based on your feedback and our own support experience over the last couple of hours we will be adding many How-To pointers in our FAQ section that will be available in the next couple of days.

When you do leave comments, it would be very helpful if you could also include your system information.  For those unfamiliar with it, the dxdiag tool will output a file that tells us many valuable things about the hardware and system software on your computer without sharing any personal information.

Depending on your Operating System either click on Run or click on Search, get to a prompt and type “dxdiag”.  That should bring up a screen like this screenshot below.  Click on the “Save All Information…” button and include the content of the file dxdiag created in your Support submission.


Thank you in advance and see you in the skies!