14 thoughts on “Guess what this is?

  1. Virtual Reality comes to Fighter Base.

    As Michael Olds and Doug Petersen correctly guessed, this is a stereoscopic rendering from an Android build of Fighter Base. Put on your goggles and you are flying in fully immersive 3D using your phone and a $20-$100 device.

  2. On a side note. 60 fps on an Android platform seems impressive to me. How are the planes controlled when you wear the goggles? Does it work in conjunction while you play on a PC or is it a separate system all inclusive to the mobile?

    • 60fps is freakishly fast. More typically I am getting around 20 FPS at the moment. The planes are controlled using a joystick. Either a Bluetooth one or a flight stick with a USB adapter. I expect there will be at least some arenas where mobile and PC play together.

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