Fighter Base

Images from Yesterday and Tomorrow

Some screenshots for you to enjoy while you wait for the real game to come.  These will be updated periodically with the latest.


Unity, Mobility, Virtual Reality

The Future of Combat Flight

We are building Fighter Base on the Unity engine which gives us the ability to immediately support PC and Mac but also mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  The ability to support mobile devices not only expands the audience for this game but also allows us to create mobile virtual experiences.


Why Now?

The new ascendancy of Virtual and Augmented reality

Back in 2010 I wrote this when announcing the shut down of Fighter Ace:

here 15 years ago a joystick standing next to the computer was de rigueur, today most households do not even own one. Where 15 years ago, the PC was the primary device for delivering game entertainment to adults, today it is the console or handheld device that is king.”

Well, it looks like the world has turned once more and mobile Virtual Reality is rapidly becoming the next big wave in entertainment.  Creating compelling Virtual Reality experiences is not easy or cheap, but there is suddenly an appetite for consuming such experiences, so it seems like the time is right.

Although Fighter Base will likely begin its life attracting former Fighter Ace and Air Attack users, the future and growth is in mobile VR and that’s where we are headed.