Fighter Base Needs Your Help!

As everyone who has been following this page over the last week knows, I am trying to put together a new game called Fighter Base.  In order to do this successfully I am enlisting the help of former players to form the core of a new user base to help bring this product to life.  Only by having the moral and financial support of this core of players will the game be able to take to the skies.  I need your help!

In the last few days we have seen the return of many former players, and we have over 60 squads already signed up which is very exciting to see.  Even our old friends and adversaries from Japan and Korea have started joining!  On the other hand, at this time we have fewer than 500 players signed up on the website.  I know that you have sent out hundreds of additional invitations to former squad-mates and flying friends that have so far gone unanswered.  Please do it again and do it some more.  We need at least a thousand people to show up and show interest.  I need to know that there are folks out there who are prepared to support this project because the next phase of it will be tougher than just signing up for a free website account.

So why should folks be excited about this game?

As well as updating the familiar PC experience, Fighter Base will also bring some exciting new experiences, especially on mobile!  Some of you have questioned how a flight a game is playable on mobile; think Virtual Reality!  There are many exciting and inexpensive devices appearing on the market.  One of my favorites is the Merge VR goggles (the best $79 you could spend today!) and the amazing folks at Merge have already committed to helping us and supporting us in our efforts.  I’m also in discussions with other manufacturers which will be announced in due course.

What can you do?

Share, email, call, talk about it to your friends.  Let’s get a thousand people signed up to the website by Monday and show the world that Fighter Base can fly.  That people care enough about flight simulation to make a new product a success!

Thank you for your support!

Mark Vange a.k.a. MAVArick


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