Pinpoint Parachute

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About this event:

Created by Master CormoRANT

How often have you ended up in the ‘chute with nowhere to go? Here’s your chance to make it worth it! In this special event arena, you will be on the daylight Archipelago map. The challenge will be to locate the Fox@FB and then eject from your perfectly good plane! While in your ‘chute, you can use your joystick or keyboard commands to correct the drift so that you land on top of the Fox! You’re in for a surprise the first time you hit him!

Rules for this event:
• The fly button is disabled until the beginning of the event.
• When the fly button becomes active, you may join the arena.
• Search for the Fox@FB.
• Eject from your plane and guide your chute to land ON the Fox!
• You must land ON the Fox in order to get credit for the kill! Close doesn’t count in this event!
• Scoring is kept by the Fox@FB, and is verified from the game log.
• The first person who successfully targets the Fox with his chute is a winner!
• Additionally, the person who hits the Fox@FB the most times will also be a winner!
• Multiple sorties may be run.
• Announcement of winners will be at the end of each sortie and will be posted to the Fighter Base Facebook page!

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