Battle of the Hosts

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About this event:

Created by Master CormoRANT

Red Rover! Red Rover! Come on over! Battle of the Hosts is a special event arena that utilizes the Menorca map. Participants will be instructed to choose between two countries. Your mission in this event is to protect the Target@FB who flies with your country. Protect his six and guide him safely to the enemy runway!

Rules for this event:
• Join one of the two countries. Please try to balance the teams.
• Stay on the runway until the Host@FB gives you the signal to take off!
• Fly close to the Target@FB of your country so that you can fend off the enemy planes trying to shoot him down! OR, you can attack the enemy and attempt to shoot down the opposing Target@FB!
• The targets will report successful takedowns (worth 500 points each) and landings (worth 1000 points each) in the chat, so your effect on the outcome will be noted!
• At the end of the sortie, a tally of the scores will be made and the winning team will be announced.
• There will be two sorties of 30 minutes for this event.

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