Fighter Base Version 0.39

Welcome to the world of Fighter Base, a 3D massively multiplayer aerial combat game.  Strap yourself into the cockpit of a World War II a fighter and take to the skies against hundreds of other virtual pilots. Watch your six as you join in the most notorious battles in history as an Ally or an Axis Power. Fly for Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Russia, or the United States.

This version (0.39) is the second publicly available version and is expected to be available through Aug 1, 2016.

If you have an earlier version installed, please remember to uninstall it.

While the game is being rewritten from scratch on a completely new technology platform to best utilize modern devices and capabilities, players of Fighter Ace and Air Attack will feel right at home here playing alongside a new generation of adversaries.

Any way you fly it, Fighter Base will be an exhilarating, real-time experience every time you play.  Strap yourself in and get ready for some white-knuckled air-combat.

Please note:
This software is experimental. Use of this software is at your own risk. No one connected with Fighter Base assumes any responsibility for anything that happens during or in connection with your use of this software.