V1 Preview PPP

Pinpoint Parachute

How often have you ended up in the ‘chute with nowhere to go? Here’s your chance to make it worth it! In this special event arena, you will be on the daylight Archipelago map. The challenge will be to locate the Fox@FB and then eject from your perfectly good plane! While in your ‘chute, you can use your joystick or keyboard commands to correct the drift so that you land on top of the Fox! You’re in for a surprise the first time you hit him!


Session Times

  • Saturday, July 8th
    • 11AM-12PM EST (New York), 4 PM BST (London), 12AM JST (Tokyo)
    • 5PM-6 EST (New York), 10 PM BST (London), 6AM JST (Tokyo)


  • Sunday, July 9th
    • 11AM-12PM EST (New York), 4 PM BST (London), 12AM JST (Tokyo)
    • 5PM-6 EST (New York), 10 PM BST (London), 6AM JST (Tokyo)


Rules for this event:

  • The fly button is disabled until the beginning of the event.
  • When the fly button becomes active, you may join the arena.
  • Search for the Fox@FB.
  • Eject from your plane and guide your chute to land ON the Fox!
  • You must land ON the Fox in order to get credit for the kill! Close doesn’t count in this event!
  • Scoring is kept by the Fox@FB, and is verified from the game log.
  • The first person who successfully targets the Fox with his chute is a winner!
  • Additionally, the person who hits the Fox@FB the most times will also be a winner!
  • Multiple sorties may be run.
  • Announcement of winners will be at the end of each sortie and will be posted to the Fighter Base Facebook page!

V1 Preview BotH

Battle of the Hosts

Red Rover! Red Rover! Come on over! Battle of the Hosts is a special event arena that utilizes the Menorca map. Participants will be instructed to choose between two countries. Your mission in this event is to protect the Target@FB who flies with your country. Protect his six and guide him safely to the enemy runway!

Session Times

  • Saturday, July 8th
    • 9AM-10AM EST (New York), 2 PM BST (London), 10PM JST (Tokyo)
    • 3PM-4 EST (New York), 8 PM BST (London), 4AM JST (Tokyo)


  • Sunday, July 9th
    • 9AM-10AM EST (New York), 2 PM BST (London), 10PM JST (Tokyo)
    • 3PM-4 EST (New York), 8 PM BST (London), 4AM JST (Tokyo)


Rules for this event:

  • Join one of the two countries. Please try to balance the teams.
  • Stay on the runway until the Host@FB gives you the signal to take off!
  • Fly close to the Target@FB of your country so that you can fend off the enemy planes trying to shoot him down! OR, you can attack the enemy and attempt to shoot down the opposing Target@FB!
  • The targets will report successful takedowns (worth 500 points each) and landings (worth 1000 points each) in the chat, so your effect on the outcome will be noted!
  • At the end of the sortie, a tally of the scores will be made and the winning team will be announced.
  • There will be two sorties of 30 minutes for this event.


Fighter Base – July 8th – Bulletin

Fighter Base Headquarters

Fighter Base Events Command



Attention all Pilots!  Report for duty on July 8th to experience Fighter Base V1.0 Preview



Headquarters – The weekend of July 8-9 promises to be a big one in the Fighter Base skies with the launch of the first official version of Fighter Base.  Look for a variety of both individual and squad events!   So get in touch with your comrades, get your joystick dusted off and get ready to fly!

Events will be announced over the coming two weeks and will be available to all pilots around the world.

Version 0.76 was published on June 23rd and is now available to the general public.  Find it at the launch page .  Make sure you are ready for the big weekend!

Fighter Base – News from the Front – Issue 11

WWII-Era Flight MMO game for PC and Mobile in VR and on your Monitor
“A new generation, an old classic”
March 31, 2017
From Fighter Base (newsletter@fighterba.se)
Pilot Support
Email: support@fighterba.se
Live help room: connect

Merry Christmas

The Fighter Base elves have been hard at work since June and we are very happy to share with you a little video of how the games looks today!  With a lot of the brain surgery finally over, the game is starting to come back together and I’m very happy to introduce you to the new terrain and aircraft.



Merry Christmas and happy holidays to one and all


Mark & the Fighter Base crew


Fighter Base V051 open test announced!

Hello Fighter Base world,

You have probably been wondering about our silence the last few days. We have been hard at work getting a new version ready for you to test!

Go to the Launch page on the Fighter Base site to get started with the new version. The FBVG is standing by to help you in our new live support room should you run into any problems.

Have Fun!

東京ゲームショウ & オフ会のお知らせ – Fighter Base is coming to Tokyo Game Show


Fighter Base コミュニティの皆様へ

Fighter Base は、9 月 15 日 (木) ~ 18 日 (日) に掛けて幕張メッセで開催される「東京ゲームショウ 2016」(TGS) での展示を予定しています。なお、木・金はビジネスデイ、土・日が一般公開日となります。

今回の展示では、スマートフォン用のヘッドマウントディスプレイ “Merge VR” のブースの展示コンテンツのひとつとして、Android 版を展示致します。PC 版の展示はありませんが、最新のスマホ VR をぜひご体験ください。

また、17 (土) には、TGS 終了後の 19:00 より、小規模なオフ会 (10 名前後程度の規模を想定) を開催予定です。会場はまだ未定ですが、幕張近郊または都心部周辺となる予定です。会費は 3,000 円前後程度を想定しています。このオフ会には、Fighter Base および Fighter Ace の生みの親である私 Mark Vange、および、日本人スタッフである Zvezda が参加予定です。

そして、プレイヤーの皆様のために、17 (土) 用の TGS チケットを若干数ご用意させて頂きました。その後のオフ会にもご参加頂ける方に限り、先着 10 名様限定でご提供させて頂きます。


Mavarick a.k.a. Mark Vange

 9 月 17 日 (土) の TGS チケット & オフ会への参加を希望の方へ

TGS チケットは、オフ会にもご参加頂ける方限定で、先着 10 名様限定でのご提供となります。

Fighter Base にご登録頂いているメールアドレスから、メールの件名を「TGS チケット & オフ会参加希望」とした上で、パイロット名、ご本名、TGS チケット送付先住所をご連絡ください。ご連絡頂いた個人情報は、TGS チケットの送付のために利用させて頂いた後、破棄させて頂きます。なお、TGS チケットは海外からの発送になりますので、希望者はお早めにご連絡ください。9/9(金)追記: TGS チケットは、9/14(水) の午後または 9/15(木) の午前中に日本国内の郵便局から発送予定です。よって、9/13 (火) の夜までにご連絡ください。9/14(水)追記: 明日 9/15(木) の午前中に日本国内から速達で発送できる目処が立ったため、今夜 9/14(水) 中も引き続き受け付けます。


TGS にご来場頂けない場合であっても、オフ会への参加は歓迎いたします。希望者は、Fighter Base にご登録頂いているメールアドレスから、メールの件名を「オフ会のみに参加希望」とした上で、パイロット名をご連絡ください。ご本名、ご住所は連絡不要です。


ご連絡は、zvezda.fb@gmail.com までお願い致します。このメールアドレスは、当日の連絡用としてもご利用いただけます。

なお、もし Fighter Base にご登録頂いているメールアドレスでは当日の連絡が取り辛い場合には、当日連絡用のメールアドレスも併せてご連絡ください。



All our players, but especially our Japanese friends are welcome to join us at Tokyo Game Show and a meetup after the show on September 17th at 7pm. If you are in Tokyo, please come meet us there! If you would like to join the meetup, please send an e-mail to zvezda.fb@gmail.com.

Happy National Aviation Day!

The National Aviation Day (August 19) is a United States national observation that celebrates the development of aviation.  The holiday was established in 1939 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who issued a presidential proclamation which designated the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday to be National Aviation Day (Mr. Wright, born in 1871, was still alive when the proclamation was first issued, and would live another nine years).

You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

USA Today has a nice historical photo retrospective you can check out.

And finally, here are some tips from NASA about how to celebrate Nation Aviation Day.

In honor of Nation Aviation Day, I’ve put up a gallery of aircraft of our own.  Happy Aviation Day everybody.