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Fighter Base

What is it?  Why should I care?

Welcome to the world of Fighter Base, a 3D massively multiplayer aerial combat game.  Strap yourself into the cockpit of any one of over 100 World War II and Korean War vintage fighters and bombers before taking to the skies against hundreds of other virtual pilots. Watch your six as you join in the most notorious battles in history as an Ally or an Axis Power. Fly for Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Russia, or the United States in detailed and accurate terrains including Guadalcanal, Midway, The Battle of Britain, Kursk, and Korea.

Players will do battle using a variety of fighter, bomber and transport planes, and take out enemy shipping using  torpedo and bomb laden aircraft. Players will battle daily in the open arenas while weekly special events will allow both individual players and squads to compete for glory and renown.

Every aspect of air combat will be included, from screaming attacks in a Stuka dive-bomber to fearless torpedo runs in an Avenger and high-altitude bombing missions in a Flying Fortress.

While the game is being rewritten from scratch on a completely new technology platform to best utilize modern devices and capabilities, players of Fighter Ace and Air Attack will feel right at home here playing alongside a new generation of adversaries.

Any way you fly it, Fighter Base will be an exhilarating, real-time experience every time you play.  Strap yourself in and get ready for some white-knuckled air-combat.

Mark Vange

Creator, Producer and Chief Bottle Washer

Mark has been involved in technology development and deployment since his first software sale at the age of 10.

As co-founder and partner in Visionary Design Technologies, Mark Vange co-conceived and directed the development of the first port of Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair from the Arcade Laserdisc format first to the Amiga (1988), then the PC (1989). Ultimately, the game was published on virtually every computer and game console platform released in the past 25 years and is available even today for most mobile devices.

In 1991, Mark founded Gemsoft (originally called Plain And Simple Systems), a video game developer that
published many titles over the ensuing 5 years. Gemsoft was acquired by VR-1 Inc. and Mr. Vange stayed-on as chief technology officer to pioneer the development and publishing of massive multi-user online entertainment technologies.

Starting with Gemsoft’s core of developers, VR-1 added development facilities in Boulder and Tokyo to its existing offices in Toronto and St. Petersburg and grew to become the world’s largest publisher of online games, serving such customers as Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Time-Warner Cable, British Telecom, Docomo, Samsung, American Online, Bertelsmann and Sony Networks.

In 2003 Mark re-acquired VR-1’s Russian operations and founded Ketsujin Studios, a developer of Massively Multiplayer, PC, Console and Mobile games. In 2005 Ketsujin Studios launched a subsidiary called Mobile Post Production Inc. which specializes in porting mobile games to handsets around the world.
Professionalizing what had then been a “mom-and-pop” business, MPP created an entire industry and a new way of doing business that was rapidly adopted by most major publishers. MPP quickly became the largest provider of such services in the world.

After the acquisition of Mobile Post Production by Electronic Arts in the spring of 2011, Mark served as Vice President and CTO of EA Interactive at Electronic Arts where he was responsible for all mobile and social games.

“I had lots of fun times playing that game, even when I was getting bombed on the runway during massive battle,”


“this was best best WW2 Fighter Sim ever .. just the fact that this game, depending on the mode, actually took strategy or just pure dog fighting …”