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Over the years I have taken a lot of abuse from some of you over the fate of Fighter Ace / Air Attack. I’ve tried and tried to explain both the technical and commercial reasons why this was inevitable and why it can’t be magically stood back up but to no avail. What only a few of you know, though, is that FA was the culmination of years and years of striving for me and represented the completion of a dream that began the day I realized I could never really fly (color blind) and that I could still do something about it. I was as upset as anyone about the fact that FA needed to be shut down but I also had to deal with telling all of you. Some of you didn’t take it so well …

So FA is dead, gone and buried….Now let’s talk about FB; Fighter Base.

On several occasions over the last decade I have tried to take a run at rescuing FA through modernizing the technology but I kept running into the fact that much of the technology, the name, and so on are owned by third parties and now that Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall there was really no way to put Humpty back together again.

Recently, I tried a whole new tack and spent some time and money attacking the problem from a different angle. An all new code base, running on a modern tech platform called Unity, that makes it possible to run the game both on PCs, as you are used to, but also on phones, iPads, consoles, almost anywhere, really.

What I envision is a game somewhere between the original Air Attack furball arena and FA 2.5. Certainly nothing as grandiose as FA3. A Freemium-based, mobile-focused furball version for the wider world, a subscription based good-old-FA-style full-access model for those who want to play with squads, missions, etc.
Now, I need to stress again, there is nothing in FB that has anything to do with FA, except it’s long shadow. You might, however, recognize some of the planes we’ve already built into FB. No cockpits yet.

So now is the time for you guys to step in and help out. *IF* there is enough interest, I will stand up a social funding project for this game with the goal of raising $750K to get this game built. You’ll notice this is much less than the other path I had studied before, of trying to revamp the old code.

I am starting my sounding and exploration of this possibility with this group because it is Private and mostly visited by friends. I would appreciate it if you would keep this conversation, picture and video private for now until I can decide to take the next step. If you really want to share it with an FA buddy, have them join the group.

And now, without further ado, you can find the video below. This is definitely a ROUGH TECHNOLOGY DEMO but while it lacks much, it does have all the core requirements including MULTIPLAYER through a SERVER which is enough for me to be comfortable that we can get it built and it will be great.

okay, give me your worst.

Warm Regards,
Mark aka MAVArick

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  1. I was literally looking for an alternative two days ago as I was missing the action in FA. War thunder is a joke, and nothing is really massive multiplayer. I’m ready to support this cause.

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